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Endless Choices

Endless choices of materials makes for unique and diverse results.

 Sophisticated Tooling

Precision tooling and superior staff makes for a superior end product.

 Competitive Prices & Fast Cycles

Faster cycle rates, min machining required & precision production tooling to run production quantities.

Quality Parts for Any Industry

PCMI Manufacturing is a reliable, single-source provider of high-quality carbon fiber and metal alloy parts for prototypes and mid-volume production. Our mission is to reduce client costs while maximizing the performance and capabilities of parts across industries. We take great pride in applying our expertise, innovative mindset, and data-driven processes in every service we provide.

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Simplified Processes and Effective Communication

As a single-source point of contact, PCMI is able to exceed expectations with efficient and effective communication. Our strong business relationships in China yield expertly casted parts at a fraction of the cost our competitors charge, while our cutting-edge machining equipment provides detailed finishings. We take care of coating and quality assurance without you ever having to call another company, making your process smoother and providing peace of mind.

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We are your innovative partners for any parts project.

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