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PCMI’s casting capabilities with a variety of alloy components, including lightweight carbon fiber composites, gives you the ability to design new innovations in aerospace technology. In addition, our in-house process simplifies your projects with PCMI as the only point of contact.

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Increase Fuel Efficiency with Carbon Fiber Parts

In the effort to make flight safer and more sustainable, utilizing materials like carbon fiber for planes and helicopters save on fuel use and cost as well as withstand temperature and pressure changes from take off and landing. Carbon fiber is also resistant to corrosion, unlike most metals.

At PCMI, our proprietary carbon fiber casting process reduces cycle times and saves customers an average of 20-30% in cost and 40-50% in weight compared to metal. We’re also a single-source provider, meaning we handle communication with all our partners and retain strong business relationships so we can be the single-source point of contact for you when it comes to your prototypes and parts.

When it comes to innovation in aerospace, the sky's the limit, and at PCMI, our skilled engineers are ready to help you reach for the stars.

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