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PCMI Manufacturing has a long history of strong partnerships and connections in the auto and heavy truck industry, and our innovative capabilities and ability to utilize carbon fiber in automotive applications has made it even easier to get ahead of the competition.

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Choose PCMI For Electric Vehicle Parts

PCMI Manufacturing has capabilities in casting and machining of aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, and carbon fiber. These light and strong materials are perfect for reducing the weight of electric vehicles and increasing battery efficiency. We’re excited to continue our long history with the automotive industry with the development and advancement of electric vehicles.

Our carbon fiber casting process has faster cycle rates than conventional methods and produces a cost savings between 20-30% and a weight savings of 40-50% over metal components.

We manage production of prototypes up to mid-volume production of 110,000 parts per year with an average savings of 32% over other manufacturers. Our thorough quality assessment process assures the parts we create meet your standards.

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