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Carbon Fiber Protects Against Pirates

Ahoy there maties! Next time you’re planning an adventure on the high seas, you may want to consider setting sail in a carbon fiber boat. One company has been utilizing a carbon fiber-bodied vessel to help protect cargo ships from pirates.

Nanotubes: Carbon Fiber’s First Mate

The LRV-17 by Zyvex Marine is made with Arovex, a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic enhanced with carbon nanotubes. It’s the first ship of its kind to utilize nanocomposite materials. The LRV-17’s carbon fiber nanocomposite construction makes it super lightweight, quick, and agile on the water.

The boat weighs only 17,900 pounds and has an operating range of more than 1,500 nautical miles. At top speed, it can reach over 40 knots. The durable carbon fiber body means doors and hatches are some of the strongest available – protecting crew from rough seas, or worse: gunfire.

Pirates Beware!

Private security contractor Global Maritime Security Systems has used the LRV-17 in the pirate-heavy areas like the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Yemen. Because it is capable of both long-range escorts and high speeds, it’s an ideal vessel for dealing with multiple pirate threats.

In addition to the carbon fiber body, the boat is equipped with a gyroscopic stabilizer so it requires less attention from the crew. With room on board for six, it is extremely effective with just a small team.

If carbon fiber can protect against pirates, imagine what it can do against the wear and tear of daily machine use. Based in Shelby Township, Michigan, we offer products and services for the automotive, aerospace, construction, defense, electronics, energy, and manufacturing industries. Give us a call today to learn more about the benefits of going with carbon fiber for your next project.

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