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Innovative Uses for Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber has transformed the manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries. It’s extremely versatile, strong, and lightweight, but these properties also make it an attractive material for other industries and consumer goods. In fact, carbon fiber can be used for almost everything from bowties and coasters to wind turbines.

Keep reading to see where you can find carbon fiber outside the shop floor.


Sporting Goods

Because it’s lightweight and extremely durable, carbon fiber is a popular choice for sporting goods. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, for example, you could consider swapping your bicycle with one that has a carbon fiber frame or wheels. Carbon fiber reduces the weight of the bicycle, with some bikes coming in around 12 pounds. For professional cyclists, carbon fiber is essential to keeping their bikes below the maximum racing weight of 14.99 pounds.


While the price of carbon fiber has been steadily dropping, it still comes with a high price tag compared to metal, wooden, or plastic counterparts in sporting goods. In fact, when introducing a line of sporting goods, luxury fashion brand, Chanel, included a carbon fiber tennis racket.


In fact, if you can swing it in a sport, there’s probably a carbon fiber version available. You can find carbon fiber baseball bats, golf clubs, fishing rods, and hockey sticks. Also available are carbon fiber skis and snowboards, if you’d rather hit the slopes. Carbon fiber sporting goods are aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll also last for years of use whether you’re a professional player or weekend warrior.


Beyond just looking cool, carbon fiber is changing sports by improving athlete safety. Carbon fiber helmets are used in racing sports and rock climbing for improved comfort and safety. Its strength helps protect athletes and its light weight makes a more comfortable helmet. And they look pretty awesome, too.


Carbon fiber automotive parts also help increase car speed, lower a vehicle’s center of gravity, and protect racing drivers.



The sleek look of carbon fiber makes it an appealing material for accessories, and it’s become the “new black.” Carbon fiber can be found in watches, wallets, phone cases, jewelry, multi-tools, and pocket knives.


Carbon fiber in some accessories, like watches and jewelry, is purely aesthetic. But other applications take advantage of carbon fiber’s unique properties for products that are functional as well as stylish. Carbon fiber bags and luggage, for example, are extremely durable for the busy traveler, and the lower weight leaves more wiggle room for packing. Additionally, carbon fiber is RFID blocking, making carbon fiber wallets and bags more secure than traditional leather and canvas.


Home Items

Just like accessories, carbon fiber is used in home items like coffee tables, wine bottle stands, and even bathtubs for its appearance. Of course, moving a carbon fiber coffee table is going to be a lot easier than a wooden, glass, or metal one, and it’ll hold up for moves, home improvement projects, and daily life.


If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience, you can add a nine-foot, suspended carbon fiber bathtub hammock to your home for something unique and futuristic.


Wind Turbine Blades

Carbon fiber is a useful material in industries like aerospace because it helps drastically reduce the weight of the plane without compromising stability. This also makes it the perfect material to support wind turbine blades. Most wind turbine blades are made of fiberglass, but large blades require a spare, which is a stiffening rod that runs the length of the blade. Because carbon fiber is lightweight and extremely stiff, these spares can be made of carbon fiber to stiffen and support the blades without compromising velocity.


Healthcare Products

Carbon fiber has another unique property that makes it a good choice for healthcare: it’s radiolucent, meaning it doesn’t show up in X-rays. Carbon fiber supports are used to hold a patient’s limbs or body in specific positions to take X-rays.


Because of its ability to be molded into almost any shape, carbon fiber is also an excellent material for prosthetics, or artificial limbs. Every person who uses a prosthetic is different, so each one is custom to the individual. Carbon fiber can be molded to meet unique specifications, and it’s lightweight and durability make it a great choice for a long-lasting, comfortable prosthetic.


Carbon fiber’s unique properties make it an excellent material for a wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for some sleek accessories, revolutionizing safety in sports, or creating a better prosthetic, carbon fiber is there for you.


Carbon Fiber Casting from PCMI

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