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Managing Manufacturing Production Gaps During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid growing concerns caused by the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, many manufacturers are struggling to retain production components and meet build deadlines. Production suppliers are falling behind customers’ schedules while everyday life slows down around the world in hopes of controlling the spread of the virus.

If your company is experiencing a production gap due to slow downs and closures both locally and globally, PCMI can help keep the wheels turning and fill production gaps.

COVID-19 Response Closures & Effects on Supply Chains

In response to the global pandemic, many governments have issued temporary closures of businesses and restricted gatherings of 10 or more individuals. While in some places, manufacturers are considered essential operations and are allowed to remain open, production has slowed down to accommodate increased measures for preventing the virus’s spread, such as staggered work schedules and specialized cleaning procedures.

Even if local restrictions aren’t affecting production operations in your area, suppliers and other business partners nationally or globally may have operations slowed or stopped for the time being. When businesses reopen and work resumes, the process is likely to be gradual, and facilities will be behind, which will lead to gaps in production.

As the virus spreads around the world, suppliers and other essential production companies are experiencing downtimes, restrictions, and closures at different times. This means as one area starts to recover, another may slow down for a while, causing lasting slowdowns in production. There may be a time where production is at a complete standstill while waiting for suppliers to reopen or catch up following a closure. Whether production slows down or comes to a stop for a period of time, production gaps are likely to happen for many manufacturers as a result of COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Managing Production Gaps with PCMI

PCMI is aggressively working with companies on finding product solutions. Our staff is working remotely to the fullest extent possible and is available to start projects and work through design stages, casting tooling designs, and CNC programming. They can help you kick off projects and have design work and machine programs ready to begin running your part order when we come back to work on April 13th. Additionally, our overseas casting facility is running at full capacity to help run cast products before our return.

PCMI is a United States-based full service company that can rapidly produce production parts and production-intent components to bridge your undermine gap. Our casting and machining services provide quick turnarounds for prototyping and mid-volume parts production, and we have capabilities in casting and machining aluminum and magnesium alloys, zinc, iron, stainless steel, and carbon fiber.

Protecting Ourselves & Others During This Time

At this time, it is of the utmost importance to practice social distancing and follow instruction from local, state, and federal authorities. At PCMI, we are limiting our staff and operations at our facility to what is strictly essential at this time, promoting remote work to the fullest extent possible, and increasing cleaning and disinfecting procedures at our facility. Our remote staff are ready to take calls and respond to clients via email, and we ask that customers please use our automated phone system to contact the appropriate staff member as required.

Our global manufacturing facilities are conducting operations per their district’s COVID-19 prevention standards to meet critical inventories.

While implementing policies and practices, like limiting the amount of staff on site and ramping up cleaning and disinfecting procedures, slows down production, it’s absolutely vital at this time. Minimizing contact between people, practicing thorough handwashing, and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces are the top ways to slow the spread of COVID-19. These processes can be frustrating, but they will protect more people and reduce the strain on global health care systems.

PCMI: Single-Source Provider

As a single-source provider, we handle all the communication with our business partners. We manage coordination and communication to be a single-source point of contact that provides a smooth process and peace of mind to our clients. We’re regularly keeping in touch with our global facilities and partners to make sure we understand their situation during this time and can coordinate accordingly to keep production moving forward as best as we can.

If your company is facing a production gap due to your supply chain’s slow down, or even closures in other parts of the world, PCMI can help your company recover from this gap.

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