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What is a Single-Source Provider & Their Value in Parts Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing is constantly evolving, and the effects of this can be felt as technology advances leaps and bounds in short periods of time. When you’re managing the development of a part or prototype outside your company’s own capabilities, there can be a disconnect in communicating with your supply chain as companies catch up to new trends or hold on to their old ways. This makes project management difficult, but there are parts and prototype manufacturers who can help ease the pains of project coordination with outside vendors—and help you save money while increasing lead times.

Single-source providers don't just make parts or prototypes for their clients. They’re uniquely qualified to handle project management for you as well, and they leverage strong business relationships to save time and reduce costs for you. Keep reading to see what a single-source parts manufacturer can do to help your business succeed.

What Is a Single-Source Provider in Manufacturing?

A single-source provider is a manufacturer that offers complete project management of your parts or prototypes. That is, they are a single point-of-contact that manages the production of your order from start to finish either completely in-house or a combination of in-house services and services from trusted business partners.

When working with a single-source provider, they utilize a variety of in-house specialities and relationships with suppliers and other service providers to get the job done. Instead of just manufacturing the part, a single-source provider handles the communication with outside companies to coordinate all aspects of your order.

Traditionally, companies would need to do this coordination on their own and manage communications with different suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to get their projects properly casted, machined, coated, and delivered at each step. Single-source providers take on this process for companies and utilize their in-house specialties with a network of trusted partners in other areas to get projects done and delivered on time.

Why Use a Single-Source Provider for Prototyping & Parts Manufacturing

Single-source providers offer several advantages over traditional part and prototype manufacturing:

  • Faster lead times
  • Cost savings
  • Streamlined communication
  • Experienced project management

Faster Lead Times

When you work with a single-source provider, they often have faster lead times over other parts manufacturers. Strong business relationships and communication from a single-source provider doesn’t rely on a middle-man (or you) to relay information back and forth. When information travels faster, work happens faster.

Cost Savings

Single-source providers have strong business relationships with their partners that can lead to lower production costs and savings that are passed on to you. Companies that specialize as a single-source provider can have access to businesses and relationships that might otherwise be unavailable if you were managing your own process, which can lead to additional savings or capabilities for your project.

Streamlined Communication

A single-source provider handles the communication with their suppliers and business partners, and then gives you regular, timely updates. Instead of handling communications from several companies working on your project, you only get updates from one person at one company with all the information you need.

Experienced Project Management

Single-source providers are experienced in project management and have well-defined processes for getting projects completed on time with accuracy and excellence.

Ultimately, working with a single-source provider gives your company more time to do the work you do best. Instead of coordinating and communicating with multiple businesses to get things done, your team can focus on what your company does that drives innovation and excellence in your industry and serving your customers with the best products.

PCMI: Leading Single-Source Provider of Prototypes and Mid-Volume Production

PCMI is a single-source provider of prototypes and mid-volume parts production. We utilize our in-house lab and machining capabilities with strong business relationships to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

We have capabilities in casting and machining, including 12 die casting machines and over 35 CNC machining centers, and we can work with a variety of materials, including zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys, steel, and carbon fiber. Our in-house metallurgy lab and technical engineers provide thorough analysis to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each of our projects.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have strong relationships with our business partners and suppliers to offer an extended range of services. Our trusted partners have excellent quality and experience and we work with them to consistently provide extraordinary products for our clients.

Of course, as a single-source provider, we pride ourselves on complete project management and no-fuss communication with our clients. When you work with PCMI, we handle all aspects of the production and prototype process with our in-house specialists and trusted business partners, and we’ll keep you updated as a single point-of-contact for your project.

At PCMI, we use our 48 years of manufacturing and project management experience to get your projects done with 100% on-time delivery, an average of 32% cost savings over other parts manufacturers with an average 5-week lead time. When you work with PCMI, you can do more to drive innovation and growth for your company.

Learn more about our process and capabilities through the link below.