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6 Advantages of Casting Solutions from PCMI

Design Flexibility

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Noise & Vibration Reduction

Low & High Temperature Performance

Cost Reduction

Corrosion Resitance

Casting Solutions From PCMI

Real Results

Our casting solution services include:

  • Machining of carbon fiber, aluminum, iron, steel, and magnesium alloys from prototypes to finished parts
  • Extremely cost-effective die cast tooling and full functional die cast prototypes
  • Production of aftermarket components


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Powered for Prototyping and Mid-Volume Production

Our facility can produce a wide range of die-cast components to include machining and secondary processing. We can provide products from prototypes to mid-volume manufacture of up to 110,000 parts per year, and our skilled engineers use a thorough quality assurance process to make sure parts are up to your standards.

In our facility we have:

  • 8 available die cast press sizes from 600 Ton to 1,200 Ton automated machines
  • 4 available die cast press sizes from 1,600 Ton to 2,500 Ton automated machines
  • 35 CNC machines including 4th and 5th axis

At PCMI, we have the expertise, manpower, materials, and casting equipment for enhanced prototyping to mid-volume production.


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Endless Choices

Endless choices of materials makes for unique and diverse results.

 Sophisticated Tooling

Precision tooling and superior staff makes for a superior end product.

 Competitive Prices & Fast Cycles

Faster cycle rates, min machining required & precision production tooling to run production quantities.

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We are your innovative partners for any parts project.

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