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Quality CNC Machining of Complex Components for a Variety of Industries

We use the latest CAD machining software with advanced 5th AXIS CNC machining, specifically designed deburring rooms, and CMM scanning to ensure high quality parts.

Machining Mastery from PCMI

PCMI Manufacturing’s high quality machining offers customers:

  • Masterful CNC machining of billet components for prototype to mid-volume production using our 5-axis work cell
  • Skillful production machining on our quality CNC machines that saves you an average of 20% per piece compared to our competitors
  • Streamlined, high-volume production machining made possible by pick and place machining work cells
  • A leading-edge machining quality control process that ensures your parts from start to finish

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Endless Choices

Endless choices of materials makes for unique and diverse results.

 Sophisticated Tooling

Precision tooling and superior staff makes for a superior end product.

 Competitive Prices & Fast Cycles

Faster cycle rates, min machining required & precision production tooling to run production quantities.

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We are your innovative partners for any parts project.

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