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Automotive & Heavy Truck

Our longstanding connections and projects within in the auto industry have made PCMI a trusted partner with many large brands.

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PCMI’s technical and coating capabilities help create prototypes and production parts that can withstand extreme conditions from aerospace applications.

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As PCMI continues to build and grow our connections among construction and construction supply companies, we’ve developed new innovative and specialized techniques.

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Defense & Military

PCMI’s capabilities and innovative solutions has built strong partnerships with top security, military, and defense companies across the country.

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In order to meet the prototype and production parts needs in energy fields such as oil and natural gas, PCMI has developed specific techniques to accommodate requests.

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PCMI’s material data and technical engineering capabilities allows us to provide exceptionally casted parts for electronic and technological applications.

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General Manufacturing

With the ability to create both prototype and mid-volume production parts, PCMI is able to meet the needs of virtually any general manufacturing parts project.

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