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Benefits of Carbon Fiber Casting


Excepional Durability

Multiple Forms

Design Flexibility

Complex Shapes


Low Thermal Conductivity

High Tensile Strength

Resistant to Corrosion

Dampens Sounds

PCMI is equipped with quality and processing instruments to ensure your molded products and final machine prototype components.

Do You Know Why PCMI Is The Best?



PCMI VQUI Material Data Sheets

PCMI has developed a bulk molding material suitable for flame-retardant version molded in an array of colors.

SMC Pre-Preg

We use a variety of SMC material from Quantum Composite and Composite One mold specific parts based upon customer demands.


Hybrid Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass

Solutions for when pricing and strength have to meet in the middle. See the various data sheets to fit your product requirements.



Endless Choices

Endless choices of materials makes for unique and diverse results.

 Sophisticated Tooling

Precision tooling and superior staff makes for a superior end product.

 Competitive Prices & Fast Cycles

Faster cycle rates, min machining required & precision production tooling to run production quantities.

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