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Why Choose PCMI for Your Parts Project?

At PCMI, we combine quality in-house lab and machining with strong business relationships to exceed the expectations of our clients for prototyping and mid-volume production. We're ISO 9001:2015 certified with a complete range of casting processes from casting simulation to 5-axis machining.
Our experienced, in-house designers are waiting to make your vision a reality.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Die Casting Press Sizes

We can support a variety of die cast and tooling projects in industrial, medical, automotive, and beyond.

  • 8 available die cast press sizes from 600 Ton to 1,200 Ton automated machines
  • 4 available die cast press sizes from 1,600 Ton to 2,500 Ton automated machines
  • Tilt pour casting perm-mold, low-pressure processing facility
  • In-house compression molding of carbon fiber - resin matrix products

Die Casting Materials

We can support a variety of die cast and tooling projects in industrial, medical, automotive, and beyond.

  • Zinc: All Types
  • Magnesium Die Cast: AZ91D and AM60
  • Aluminum: A380.0, A383.0, A360, ADC10, ADC12 & 384 alloys
  • Aluminum: A356.0, A319.0, A355.0 with T6 Heat Treatment
  • Ductile Iron/Stainless Steel: 200 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series
  • Chopped Carbon Fiber: Casting parts using 3.0mm–24mm long fibers

CNC Machining

At PCMI, we have over 35 CNC machining centers equipped to exceed client expectations. Our 4th and 5th machining centers are capable of performing more operations and producing tighter tolerances (within 30 microns when machining parts).

CNC Machine Brands & Capabilities

  • Hass: 4th and 5th axis
  • Makino: Horizontal
  • Leadwell: 5th axis

Carbon Fiber

Our proprietary carbon fiber casting process allows us to mold near net shape, three-dimensional structural components without time-consuming curing and post-curing processes.

Carbon Fiber Process Capabilities

  • Faster cycle rates compared to conventional production methods
  • 20-30% cost savings compared to conventional methods
  • 40-50% weight savings per part compared to metals

Production Capabilities

At PCMI, we have 100% on-time delivery and a 32% average savings over other part manufacturers, 100% quality traceability, 5-weeks average lead time, and 48 years of experience. We offer production in enhanced prototyping and casting.

Enhanced Prototyping

Our design engineers spend three to four days reviewing and analyzing material flow simulation before beginning any project and develop a thorough quality assessment plan to ensure client standards are met. From there, we can machine fully functional parts from billet metals using our in-house 5-axis CNC machines. We also put each of our projects through a metallurgy lab to ensure client certifications are well within specifications. The result is complete die casted prototypes in no more than 5 weeks.

Casting Production

At PCMI, we provide efficient component production with PPAP submissions within 12 weeks of client project approval. We utilize a complete electronic data interchange (EDI) system for all client releases. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures we have industry-leading standards in our quality management system.

We have the expertise, manpower, materials, and equipment to run mid-volume production orders of up to 110,000 parts per year.


Single-Source Provider

As a single-source provider, we utilize our strong business relationships combined with in-house expertise and equipment to provide our clients with parts that exceed expectations. We handle communication with our partners to be a single-source point of contact to provide a smooth process and peace of mind for our clients.

Questions? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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