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Carbon Fiber

Our unique carbon fiber process uses a lower cost material and faster cycle rates to produce finely-honed parts, while our in-house machinery provides the finishings. On average, our proprietary process saves you 20-30% in costs.

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Our expertise in carbon fiber, aluminum, iron, steel, and magnesium alloys allows us to give you a 35-40% cost savings on overall projects. In addition, our experienced staff and casting equipment can handle mid-volume production of up to 110,000 parts per year. 

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PCMI offers masterful CNC machining for mid-volume prototype production and can save you around 20% per piece compared to our competitors. Our 4th and 5th-axis machining centers are capable of performing more operations and producing tighter tolerances on machined parts.

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Improve product performance with coatings engineered by our expert team to enhance nearly any component and equipment application across industries. PCMI offers multiple types of thermal sprays, HydroGraphics, Cerakote, and powder coatings to meet your specific needs.

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Material Data

PCMI is equipped with data sheets and quality processing equipment to guarantee your molded products and final machine components. We back up our processes with data to make sure we do each job right for you.

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Technical Engineering

Quality data provides quality results. Every PCMI project begins with a technical, data-driven assessment of customer objectives and the development of a personal success plan. We are leaders in metallurgy lab work, and we have the equipment to handle a variety of requests.

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