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In-House Design & Engineering

PCMI’s experienced technical staff is meticulous, detail-oriented, and thorough in data collection by utilizing an in-depth inspection workbook and holding regular project meetings to produce detailed feasibility sheets for data collection. Whether you are requesting material certification, specific material cross sectioning, mechanical testing, or X-ray images and full CMM lay-out, PCMI can meet your needs. We are a leader in metallurgy lab work and have the equipment to handle a variety of requests.

PCMI can meet—and often exceed—customer expectations. We offer our products and services at extremely affordable rates, centered on product integrity whether for prototype or production requests. We achieve this through:

  • Performing internal design assessments that use casting simulation and processing to determine the best alloy flow as it relates to porosity
  • Analyzing material performance outcomes before beginning a project to ensure optimal end results
  • Employing first class, professional machining engineers who use single-step machining and processing for all castings
  • Completing in-house testing of material and mechanical properties to ensure your product performance expectations are met.

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Endless Choices

Endless choices of materials makes for unique and diverse results.

 Sophisticated Tooling

Precision tooling and superior staff makes for a superior end product.

 Competitive Prices & Fast Cycles

Faster cycle rates, min machining required & precision production tooling to run production quantities.

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We are your innovative partners for any parts project.

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